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Why Choose Our Dispatch Services?
We provide options for our flat-rate fees and we offer an affordable fee of 5%. A Paperwork only, Basic and Professional plan. So why pay another trucking dispatch service 10% or more on every load? Because of this, Premier Dispatch Services came up with a ‘one stop shop’ for all your trucking dispatch needs.
Whether you have a ‘hands-on’ business approach & need the ‘paperwork only’ plan or would rather us handle everything, we can customize our dispatching services to meet your needs.
Premier Dispatch specializes in freight dispatching for the trucking industry. Satisfaction is our top priority and we work hard to deliver the best dispatch service in the industry.

Our dispatch services help save truckers time & money.

We work side by side with truck drivers to work out the best work schedule for their lives. When using Safe Dispatching Services, we consider the personal life that needs to be respected and hope to treat the driver as part of the family. Our driver is the key, this is our top priority!

We provide better service at a fixed fee. You know what is best for you, which is why we offer you three independent plans

special offers
Limited Time Offer
Gold Plan
5% per Load
Get Gold Services in just 5%
You're The Boss!
No Forced Dispatch
Payload & FSC = 100% Yours
We Negotiate Top Paying Rates
Setup Paperwork
Fax/Email Documents (Limited)
Credit Checks (Limited)
Personal Dispatcher
Request Quick Pay
Request Fuel Advances
24/7 Dispatch Support
Request Fuel Advances